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September 2006


Meet Barbara McGuire, Democrat for State Representative District 23

Energetic grandmother 52, businesswoman 20 years, humanitarian.
Chamber member Casa Grande and Copper Basin, 4 years Board of Directors.

Member Sheriff's Posse, NRA. Salvation Army Extension Unit Director 15 years, leadership service awards. 2004 Citizen of Year award.

Residence: Kearny. (The only candidate who lived and worked her entire life in District 23.)

Born in Sonora-Ray, Arizona 1954.

Graduated Ray District Schools, Kearny, AZ. Attended Central Arizona College. Supplemental various professional certifications.

Maricopa is experiencing explosive growth and has an exciting mix of population, location, culture, climate and workforce for a very bright future. The aspects of growth to benefit all of District 23 I intend to focus on are jobs, education and healthcare. I am also concerned with water and immigration, etc. A successful outcome would be a better Arizona and a Maricopa that is safe, functional as one of the best places to live anywhere.


The base of Pinal County in mining, farming, ranching, corrections and government has been bolstered the last decade with transportation and technology job growth.

There are challenges in providing flow in northeast Pinal County with growing road systems that will tie to Maricopa and beyond. I will help create quality roadways and jobs all along the east to west corridor supporting District 23 transportation and commuter needs.

There is also rail for Maricopa. A futuristic regional plan talked of a new regional airport more south, and high speed railroad links where Tucson, Phoenix, Las Vegas and Los Angeles will be connected and would make Maricopa thrive even more. We have to prepare for this.

Since the military telegraph in 1873, technology has been important in Maricopa. I want to bring more tech jobs to lure companies to this place of talent, weather, electronics with government partnered financing possibilities and more.

Law and Education Jobs

Crime must not be allowed to take hold and compromise Maricopa's future. Government workers, particularly law enforcement need to be compensated fairly and equipped. With good security, life and the economy happen.


Maricopa is not far from a hospital in Casa Grande or Phoenix. The covered use CGRMC. The poor have Pinal County’s agreement with Maricopa County Hospital, but Maricopa County has final say in healthcare for Pinal citizens. This is not acceptable and can be adverse. In our District, one third or more do not have coverage. Most are working poor and the not working. Retired and disabled employers drop coverage. For the working poor, we must make sure that corporations step up to bridge with the State, until someday there is a national health care system. Coverage must change too, as for example, when an individual is blocked from a new job by the familiar pre-existing health condition denial of coverage. An audit of healthcare of District 23 and our State should be done. I will work to improve healthcare.


Education improvement is a priority. I want to provide good wages to educators and spend for worthwhile resources to excite students and provide results. We must recover ground lost to other countries and make sure that the United States continues to be the world leader in thinking and science. For those who do not plan to attend college, we must do a better job of vocational and alternative education. I want to enhance the education experience with virtual and cost effective distance learning. I want junior colleges to grant four year degrees. This would stem talent drain and improve access to affordable higher education for rural areas.


Tri-Valley Dispatch, Casa Grande News.
The United Steelworkers of America.
The Arizona Correctional Peace Officers Association, (District 23's largest labor group). Fraternal Order of Police. Hon. Senator Chastain (retired). Vice Mayor of Apache Jct., R.E. Eck, and others, with more coming.

Senator (retired) Bob Chastain says “..join me in electing Barbara (McGuire) as your State Representative…she would bring her talents and hard work to improve and sustain the legacy of myself and others for the good of the future of District 23..”

From the Tri-Valley Dispatch, Casa Grande News: "we endorse ...McGuire, who has an impressive track record of public service"


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Committee to Elect Barbara McGuire
Candidate for Arizona State Representative District 23
POB 613
Kearny,AZ 85237
Phone: 520-363-5002

for immediate release

Dateline: September 17, 2006
Remaining LD 23 Precincts Report:
McGuire Wins Primary!

Five days after the September 12 primary, this morning September 17, 2006, the Arizona Secretary of State shows one hundred percent of Legislative District 23 polls reporting McGuire victory over Krista Pacion. There was a delay in finalizing results pending the processing of a few lightly populated rural precincts. This was not expected to affect the result and McGuire has already been congratulated by the Arizona Democratic Party and Governor Janet Napolitano's office.

McGuire held a lead consistent throughout the returns which followed the trend when the final precincts reported. According to McGuire,"I am grateful to accept the nomination of the Democratic Party thanks to the confidence voters place in me. I hope to build on this toward the final push for November's general election. I am asking all District 23 democrats to unify behind me and I ask independents and yes, Republicans also, to consolidate their faith in me and to vote democrat to win in November. I will work hard to address the concerns and needs of the people of District 23 and the State of Arizona."

According to Tom Elliott, Chairman of McGuire's campaign, "We encourage voter turnout in November's general election, particularly for democrats, and ask that voters get early ballots where needed. We will ramp up our effort to introduce voters to Barbara who may not know her, or educate those about her who may not know enough about her. She is the real deal for the people and will bring common sense in providing caring, thoughtful representation to improve the lives for the people of District 23. She is a can-do person you will be happy to have in your corner."

McGuire, an energetic, 52 year young grandmother is a humanitarian and businesswoman who has combined over thirty years of community service and business experience. She is a small business owner, Salvation Army Extension Unit Director and Citizen of the Year2004 for the Copper Basin. District 23 is largely Pinal County and parts of Maricopa and Gila counties, including tribal areas of the Gila River, Fort McDowell, Ak-Chin and Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Communities.

2006 Primary results for Legislative District 23 are as follows:

2006 Primary Election (Unofficial Results)

Produced by the Arizona Secretary of State's Office State Representative - District No. 23

Gila 97 29 158 284 2 2 100.0%
Maricopa 210 186 345 741 11 11 100.0%
Pinal 3,594 3,408 5,912 12,914 62 62 100.0%
Totals 3,901 3,623 6,415 13,939 75 75 100.0%

Percentages McGuire 28.0% Pacion 26.0% Rios 46.0%
Last Updated on Saturday, September 16, 2006 at 5:59:14 PM source:

Barbara Mcguire 602-881-3379 (cell) 520-363-5002 (h)
Tom Elliott 602-228-7270 (cell) Campaign Chairman
Jamie Vallee 602-291-1132 (cell) Media & Research


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