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Jamie Vallee
About Us

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Who is The Cyber Secretary ............

The Business ......

Jamie Vallee, founder of The Cyber Secretary, has over 15 years of administrative experience working for top entertainment industry executives and high-profile clients as a personal executive assistant. She has obtained numerous film and multimedia credits for her endeavors. Most recently she was employed as an office and facilities manager for the leading multimedia company, Rainbow Studios (now THQ).


Travel coordination, on and off-site, is her specialty. Ms. Vallee has over 20 years of Travel related experience and works through her family-owned Fly Away Travel to find you the very best travel values and keep agency related costs down.


With today's technology it is easy to work from anywhere! Let us help you with your administrative needs.

Our Philosophy......

There is no task too small, no task too great, for a seasoned professional secretary. Why should our service be any different?
This is what we provide - seasoned professionals working over a computer network available around the globe.
We are able to save you money by working virtually rather than in your office. We do not cost you vacation pay, sick pay, or any overhead expense. You do not end up paying for more than you can afford.
Our end goal is to provide the highest quality results.