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The Tequila Moon Band

Kenny Vallee


Kenny's Biography

kenny vallee

bass player, songwriter, 
singer ...... 

The founding member of Tequila Moon, Kenny Vallee, at 6'4" as big as a 300lb NFL linebacker, isn't what you would expect to see at the front of a hot country band.  He has, however, been the driving force behind The Tequila Moon Band for the past several years.
Kenny is a native of the Sonoran Arizona desert. He grew up in a small desert copper mining town between Phoenix and Tucson.  There is one of the world's largest open-pit copper mines - the Ray Asarco mine, where Kenny worked briefly along side his father and grandfather. Working in the mine was hard and he decided to go to Los Angeles and study music as a better career option.
Vallee's original songs stem from the rugged lifestyle of the working man and the experiences endured by the harsh lives of these men. It is all about the lifestyle of the heartbroke cowboy, the blue-collar working man never getting his due, and those real people in small towns and small places that make it what it is - true country music. 
Ken is a prolific bass player with over 25 years of experience. He is a vocal stylist and at shows has been compared to the likes of Waylon, Bocephus, and the Raol Malo. It is a style of vocal that some liken to and others steer clear of. The same can be said of many great legends of country music. People seem to like it best when he covers songs from Charlie Daniels and Toby Keith.
In 1990 Kenny moved to Los Angeles for 5 years to study  at Grove School of Music. During his time in LA (The end of "The Decline of Western Civilization") he played venues such as FM Station, The Troubador, and The Coconut Teazer along the Sunset Strip, as well as many other venues in the surrounding LA area. He lived right across the freeway from the infamous Tropicana (mentioned in a Motley Crue song) and lived on St. Andrews Place (mentioned in a Janes Addiction song - Jane)Vallee received excellent reviews in the popular LA music magazine, Rock City News, where his bass style was referred to as "The Bandin Slide".
His decision to return to Arizona, and the roots of his upbringing in 1994, brought him full circle back to country music. This move was influenced in part by a brief chance meeting with Garth Brooks while he was visiting Arizona. After Mr. Brooks took the time to talk with him and sign his guitar he was so moved that he took up country music full-time. His roster of performances in Arizona and the surrounding area far exceed the list of venues performed at in LA. His country band, Tequila Moon, has been going strong with no signs of slowing down since it got off the ground in 2000.
When Kenny is not performing on the stage with Tequila Moon, writing songs, sitting in as a professional bass player in the studio, or performing with a local band , he spends time with his wife's family at their New Mexico ranch- working, riding, and performing for the locals in the old western movie-set town
of Tumbleweed Valley.
He is thankful to be backed by the talents of his fantastic bandmates - best friends since childhood, grateful to God for the gift of music, and appreciative of all the people supporting him in his dream.