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Nov 7TH

Barbara McGUIRE

Arizona State Representative LD23


The Issues






A livable minimum wage, family values, protection of jobs against illegal immigration, border control, fair compensation for teachers and state employees. Essential transportation corridors, and future water resources.

With Arizona's economic situation, more emphasis must be placed on the hard-working family, the backbone of our state.



She supports police and military rights and would work to strengthen and improve our state health-care system, along with elderly care and a good balance between jobs and the environment.





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to elect Barbara McGuire

Who is Barbara McGuire


Barbara is a 3rd generation Arizonan. She has lived and worked in District 23 for 52 years. She is the only woman running for state representative in District23. She has been married to Jim McGuire for 35 years, has 2 children, and is a grandmother. Barbara knows the district. She knows the people.

She has a successful travel business and as a humanitarian, is the Salvation Army Unit Director for the Copper Basin area. She runs summer camps and the Angel Tree program for underprivileged youth. She was the Copper Basin Citizen of the year in 2004. She is an NRA and Sheriff’s Posse member.



Barbara is from a copper mining community and has seen the ups and downs of the union employees. She worked hard during the strikes to aid families in a crucial time of need.


She has endorsements from The United Steelworkers Union, The Arizona Correctional Peace Officers Association, The Fraternal Order of Police among others.


The Honorable Senator (ret) Bob Chastain says this of Barbara McGuire,

“...join me in electing Barbara as your State Representative for District 23 ...she would bring her talents and hard work to improve and sustain the legacy of myself and others for the good of the future of District 23...”


From the Tri-Valley Dispatch, Casa Grande News: "we endorse ...McGuire, who has an impressive track record of public service"


Barbara is running under the Clean Elections Act. A hard-working person with strict family values, she will roll up her sleeves and give it her all. You can count on her honesty and commitment. Barbara insists on efficiency, accountability and responsiveness in a government which serves the people.


Your vote for Barbara will preserve, protect and enhance our way of life.