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Jim McGuire



Jim was born in a farm house in Haskell County, Stigler, Oklahoma. His mother is half Cherokee and his father is of full-blood Irish descent. Jim's grandparents were Irish imigrant farmers hence the name McGuire.
When he was a wee fellow his family moved to Arizona where his parents bought a home in Ray. (You can see more of Ray, Sonora, and Barcalona on the links page.) When the mine moved in the folks bought land along the Gila River in a town called Riverside. Today there isn't much left there, but when Jim was a kid there was plenty to do. They had a farm and this is where he honed his cowboy ways.
The nights would find Jim and his brothers sitting around campfires singing songs and telling stories out in the Sonoran desert under the starlit sky. He grew up riding horses, catching rattle snakes with his bare hands (and yes that is the truth I promise you) and wearing a gun on his hip. The wild west was still in existence to Jim as a child. As an adult, he still believes in the ways of the wild west and he brings them to life in his Marty Robbin's style ballads. 
These days you can see Jim singing or gunsling in Tumbleweed Valley. The town, a movie location, was built entirely by hand through the hard work of Jim's brother, Galen McGuire (aka cowboy poet Gary Maxwell).
Jim also performs with various groups at venues throughout Arizona. He is available for corporate parties, weddings and receptions, and special events. His philosophy is that if you can't be a cowboy or experience the Old West then he will be glad to bring it to you - with a song and a sixgun by his side.

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